4 Must-Explore Tourist Attractions in Najran

No doubt! While visiting the beautiful city of Najran, you find amazing tourist attractions, so plan your trip precisely and make the most out of it with trying different traditional dishes. Furthermore, you also find varieties of restaurants to feed your hunger of trying new cuisines and while visiting different tourist spots, you find many foreign tourists exploring the city. It reveals the popularity of this city for becoming the best tourist destination in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, you also find this city highly affordable in terms of accommodation, so gear-up to enjoy visiting this ideal city.

Moreover, the state has taken great measures to bring ease for foreign tourists while exploring this superb town. Right from finding the accommodation to explore dining-spots, you find everything hassle-free. In this blog, you explore the city’s must-visit places, so check them out below and begin your journey of exploring Najran properly.

1-Najran Regional Museum

No doubt, prior to visit other parts of the city, it is very important to explore the history and for that, you should visit this museum revealing a lot about the city. Furthermore, you also find the stunning artefacts, so visit it and get yourself familiar with the great history of this particular region and make your trip fantastic. Additionally, it opens from 8 A.M to 5.30 P.M, so you should think of visiting this ideal place right in the beginning of your trip to Najran. Yes, you should also be very choosy while selecting the airline and the Emirates happens to be the right one and while booking your flight, you also save money with Emirates promotional code.

2-Al-Ukhdud Archaeological Attraction  

It is another awesome place to visit manifesting more about the town and its rulers and it was founded either of 6th or 7th century B.C, so do visit this historical place and enjoy more your trip to this ideal city. It was said that at least 20,000 Christians were burnt alive and it was in the rulership of Dhu Nawwas, so do visit another historical place.

3-Najran Dam

Yes, you can also visit this amazing dam letting you see the superb landscape of the city and it is the largest one in the country. Moreover, you witness the great amount of calmness there and it is better to visit it at the time of sunset, so you get a chance of having remarkable view of the dam.

4- Castle of Rome

It is also the beautiful place to visit and it was built by the army of Yemen while taking over the control of this city back in the 1929 and it is situated at the height of 1,000 meters. The great height also makes it the right spot for hiking, so do visit this ideal spot while visiting the city of Najran. Having reached the peak, you get the stunning view of the city and since the weather is not that much warm, you love climbing to that peak.

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