BBQs 2U – The Thrills of Live Fire Cooking in Kadai Firebowls

BBQs 2U is a showroom located in Abersoch [UK, mainland]. It is an authorized dealer offering technology-equipped grills and barbeques but has not lost its penchant for traditional live fire cooking in Kadai.

BBQs 2U also offers a Kadai fire table for patios, decks, and terraced areas. The table is a tripod with ample space underneath to store ready-to-use logs. It adds aesthetics to your outdoor environment.

The Kadai is a traditional Indian cooking vessel designed to prepare meals on open flames. Live fire cooking goes beyond preparing food; it is a sensory journey that ignites passion and enhances your dining experience.

The ritual of fire

Cooking with a kadai bowl is a ritualistic experience that dates back centuries. The flickering flames, crackling firewood sound, and sizzling of ingredients touching the hot surfaces captivate your senses.

The Kadai on the fire is a focal point that transforms your cooking act into a mesmerizing performance. Flames dance under the open sky, creating a connection with primal instincts, which carries us back in time when humans tamed fire for sustenance.

Intense heat and savory results

Another critical factor of Kadai fire bowl cooking is the intense heat it generates. The high temperature this vessel achieves imparts a char and smokiness to the food and enhances the flavor profile.

You can grill succulent meats, roast vegetables, or simmer aromatic curries in the Kadai; the taste is elevated to an entirely new level. The interplay of natural spices and heat creates a culinary artwork that is hard to imitate with conventional cooking methods.

Versatility & experimentation

The Kadai design allows us to experiment with different cooking techniques, from slow cooking to direct grilling. The shallow pan is vast and can accommodate other ingredients simultaneously.

You can explore global cuisines or Western recipes or improvise with local ingredients. The Kadai Firebowl is open to your culinary possibilities.

Sociable dining experience

Kadai recycled Firebowl, which brings family and friends together. The communal aspect of gathering around an open fire, sharing stories, and watching the chef create culinary masterpieces nurtures a sense of companionship.

The rich aroma and sizzling sound gliding through the air create an ambiance that transforms a simple meal into a memorable social event. The Kadai fire bowl table becomes a focal point for conversation, laughter, and shared meal joy.


What is in the box?

Kadai fire bowl table includes –

  • 70mm recycled high-quality kadai [ensures durability and performance]
  • Robust iron table [for underneath storage of wood]
  • Tongs
  • Holi grill
  • Wire brush
  • Kadai beads
  • 5-year warranty card

BBQs 2U offers free delivery across the UK, and the Firebowl has raving customer reviews.

The Kadai is weather resistant, so you can leave it outdoors without worrying about damage from the elements or rain.


In gastronomy, the thrill of live-fire cooking in Kadai fire bowls is an experience that surpasses the ordinary. You celebrate tradition, relish a sensory journey, and enjoy social gatherings around the primal fire element. Culinary enthusiasts adore the Kadai Firebowl for its intense heat, smoky flavors, and versatility.

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