The Latest VoIP Developments to Consider When Choosing Your Telco Provider

VoIP brings tangible benefits to businesses, whether saving costs, creating customer satisfaction or increasing employee mobility. However, this technology is also constantly evolving. Cybersecurity will remain a top concern since hackers are targeting VoIP platforms. Look for providers investing in heightened security protocols and providing regular platform maintenance.


The VoIP industry is rapidly evolving and has become more accessible to small businesses. More SMEs can be expected to adopt affordable business VoIP tools in 2019 as the sound quality, low costs, and seamless integration with CRM contact records make them more appealing. The UCaaS trend has also grown in popularity. It is a cloud-based platform that assists businesses in centralizing their various communication systems into one unified platform. It has been seen to improve collaboration, content sharing, and meeting support and entice businesses to opt for it. When choosing a VoIP provider, it is important to determine whether their service packages include features that benefit your business and do not interfere with your operations. For example, look for providers with automatic failover options in case of a power failure or internet outage.


The best way to choose the VoIP provider that suits your business is by analyzing your needs and requirements. Investing your time in this process will help you become completely aware of your business’s desired needs and then shortlist the favorable options among the available choices. Consider asking the vendors you’re evaluating about their customer support. Verify if they provide 24/7 customer assistance, including email, social media, mobile VoIP calls, etc. It is a safer choice since it guarantees you can contact the customer care staff in case of any issues or problems.

Additionally, consider whether the providers offer features like auto-attendants, call queues, or video conferencing. These are fantastic solutions for small firms since they boost productivity and communication among employees, increasing the effectiveness of their team.


Mobility is one of the key business priorities in today’s post-pandemic world, and Hosted VoIP can help businesses stay productive even when employees work remotely. The cost savings, flexibility and boosted call quality of future technologies will drive this solution into a central position in companies of all sizes’ communication and business strategies. When choosing a VoIP provider, evaluate how much you are spending on your current phone service and what features are important to you. For example, auto-attendants can ensure clients don’t miss calls even after hours, and call queues allow you to handle multiple calls simultaneously. Ensure that the VoIP provider you choose offers features that can be integrated with your other business tools, like CRM systems. A flexible, scalable system can grow with your company and provide value for years.


As the digital world has shaped business communication, companies seek VoIP services that seamlessly integrate with other systems, platforms and collaboration tools to maximize work productivity. A unified communications system makes it easier for managers and workers to communicate, cooperate, engage, and streamline the process. As remote work becomes increasingly popular, businesses seek VoIP solutions that seamlessly integrate with mobile devices. It allows them to take calls anywhere without purchasing extra hardware or worrying about losing connectivity. In addition, ask your provider how quickly it is to add and remove new users. It is important as staff turnover can be high in the business world. Having a flexible, easy-to-use system that can scale up and down as your team grows is vital.


A VoIP provider should have security measures in place to prevent hacks. It includes encryption that turns data into an encoded version that can only be decoded with a unique description key. Additionally, the company should have anti-malware software that blocks malicious code from entering their systems. The company should also have customer support available 24 hours a day and all week. It is important because any delay in responding to clients or customers can leave a bad impression and impact business. Finally, the company should have easy integration capabilities. It means their VoIP system can be integrated with other tools like email or a cloud storage tool. Businesses may save time and effort by getting rid of redundant work procedures.

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