The Many Applications of HDPE Tubes: Breaking Things Down

Short for “high density polyethylene,” HDPE is a type of flexible, plastic material that is commonly used to transfer both fluid and gas in various environments. It brings with it a myriad of different benefits like low weight, corrosion resistance that is superior to other types of materials, and more.

Because of those inherent strengths, coupled with the versatility of the material itself, HDPE tubes are actually used in a lot of applications that people don’t realize. Learning more about them can be a great way to illustrate just how far HDPE can go in the right hands.

The Power of HDPE Tubing: Your Guide

HDPE tubes and pipes are used all over the world for applications both large and small. Many water mains have HDPE components, for example, thanks to the fact that they don’t lose important properties like corrosion and moisture resistance, even at very long distances. They’re used in sewer mains for largely the same reason.

If you’ve ever driven on the highway and seen a massive irrigation system watering the crops on a farm, you likely have HDPE to thank for that. Fire system supply lines are another important use. This is true both in exclusively commercial environments and in large scale residential dwellings like apartment buildings where each unit may have a sprinkler system to call its own.

If you needed a perfect real life example of just what an impact HDPE tubes can make when their full potential is realized, look no further than the “Ocean Cleanup” project. Started by a nonprofit organization of the same name, the project aims to help extract as much plastic pollution from the planet’s oceans as possible before this material can seep into nearby rivers and other waterways.

An entire pipeline was built using HDPE that specifically targeted the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

All told, HDPE tubes share many of the same benefits that are associated with another popular option for important projects, UHMW tubing. In addition to being cost-effective, you still get the high quality materials that can operate in harsh temperatures if needed. They’re both resistant to harsh UV rays and have the type of durability that most people simply won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The Spiratex Approach: Your Partner in Custom Plastic Extrusion

At Spiratex, our custom plastic extrusion services extend to both UHMW and HDPE tubes and related options. Since 1955, we’re exceptionally proud of the level of care and attention-to-detail that we’ve been able to offer our customers by way of custom materials that meet their precise specifications, regardless of how difficult the project may be. Likewise, if you’re in need of these or other materials but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ll offer you the guidance you deserve to make sure your project goes off without a hitch.

If you’d like to find out more information about the unending versatility of HDPE tubes, or if you have any additional questions about custom plastic extrusion that you’d like to discuss in a bit more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Spiratex today.

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