Where Is the Draft in My House Coming From?

As we head into the dog days of summer, you probably want to keep your house as cool as possible. If you feel like your air conditioner is running all the time, there’s a chance that there might be a draft in your house somewhere. By addressing and sealing the draft, you may be able to save money and keep your house cool. Just where are these drafts coming from?

The Windows and Doors

One of the most common reasons why the cool air in your house might be leaking is that there is a gap in between your windows and the window frame. Put your hand against the windows in your home. Do you feel a draft? If so, you may need to seal the windows.

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You should do the same thing with the doors. There might be a gap between your door and the floor, which makes the door easier to open. Unfortunately, this also means that cool air could be leaking from your house through the door. Think about installing a rubber stopper between the door and the floor to stop this draft.

The Attic

You probably don’t spend a lot of time in your attic, but do you know that you can lose a significant amount of cool air through the attic? The attic is probably not cooled, which means it is hot all the time. A lot of the cool air you generate could be flowing into the attic before it escapes to the outside world.

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There are several ways you can solve this issue. You may want to consider installing some extra insulation between the upper floor of your house and the attic. That way, you keep the cool air in your house and prevent it from escaping into the attic. You may also want to reach out for help with your air conditioning Toledo.

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